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Dubai Escort Massage: popular things , belonging to regulate the issue of human blood and viscera , is not very serious disease. “Fire” is used to describe some of the heat from the body of the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine , the degree is “hot” is mentioned also. Generally said to have been mentioned , namely the imbalance of yin and Yang body heat after . TCM believes pathological “fire” lower body can be divided into two categories, common inflammatory symptoms have appeared , and two heart . Not serious , there may be chapped skin , pain breath , Hyperactivity and other things do not rise crane light heart, therefore, to promptly adjust nutrition , spent the liver. Typically, when a person broke into furious dispute with others , it will take up arms , so to flourish. Anger or hurt the liver , so no matter what do not get angry angry , so hurt the liver .

Point one, three vaginal intercourse Location: medial ankle rose about four finger widths . Effects: liver and spleen , nourishing menstruation and Yiqihuoxue . Spring popular thing preventing large massage 3 point 2 points and control , big hole location: inside , close to the bottom of the big toe nail . Efficacy: clear the liver , remove toxins in the liver , spleen refreshing. Acupoint ST 36 -hole location : knee area outside the chamber fell about 4 fingers wide . Effects: liver and spleen , heat, moisture , calm nerves

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