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Body massage several parts make you healthy, massage, massage massage what benefits? Where is more beneficial to health? Here’s a look at these sites will help health massage. The body’s wrist, ankle, neck, commonly known as the three part of my hand, foot, neck, called my three. According to the theory of main and collateral channels, three neck part includes eighteen human twenty main and collateral channels and acupuncture points of, many.

Three neck massage area are located in the stripes on the wrist and ankle, seventh cervical, four horizontal refers to the wide ring belt. From the outside to the inside in my area with traditional three massage, rubbing, kneading, pushing to get other practices,, the first light after self-massage, daily massage 5-10 minutes per area, mostly a month that see results. General fitness strong three neck to massage, the treatment of disease have different emphases.
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